Sunday, May 8, 2011

Who Knew!-Dried Fruit and Wheat

Did you know that some brands of dried fruit actually contain wheat?!  I was browsing down the aisle at the market a few weeks back and picked up a bag of dried cherries.  I figured it would be gluten-free but as usual I took a look at the ingredients on the backside of the bag and whoa! There IS wheat.  Wheat starch, wheat flour.  That is what I usually see.  I was surprised.  So then I grabbed almost every brand off the shelf to take a look and I found 3 brands with wheat starch.
Notice how the last ingredient is Wheat.  It says "may contain".  Steer clear peeps!  This is the back of the Food Emporium Private Label Brand.

Wheat and Tree nuts are listed as processed on the same equipment.  Often this is considered cross-contamination depending on how sensitive you are. This is the brand Marianni.

Sun-maid was the winner!  Yippie!  No wheat or gluten here!!

The only one I have found so far free of wheat and gluten is Dole.  So even if you are buying dried fruit in a bag, the lesson learned is that anything can contain gluten, so always double check.

Enjoy! xoxo Julie

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