Sunday, June 5, 2011

NY Times Newspaper Mentions Gluten-Free!

In today's issue of the New York Times Newspaper under the Sunday Styles going G-Free is mentioned.  Well not only mentioned, but there is a pretty larger article.  Yeah!  More and more people are speaking of going G-Free aka gluten-free.  This is the new lingo.  The article is called Looking for a Plan B? Make it Gluten-Free by Hilary Stout.  The article is about opening gluten-free bakeries.  The first picture I see upon reading the article is a woman viewing from the outside 5 mouth watering gluten-free cakes.  Way to reel me in!.  How can I resist and not read more?

The article talks about many people who decided to quit their jobs and open gluten-free bakeries.  The article also discusses people who decided to embark on gluten-free bakeries for health reasons, or economic reasons, starting a second career...after a terrible and/or during a recession.  It is interesting to hear why others decided to lead their gluten-free fantasy.  As the article states, everyone wants to quit their jobs and make their business fantasies come true.  "As long as their have been jobs, there have been fantasies about leaving them"(Hilary Stout)...and starting a gluten-free bakery!

The stories start with: So and so, a Manhattan Lawyer, resolved to temper her workaholic ways, and set out on a second career", or So and So from Los Angeles, after a graphic-design business faltered in the recession, husband and wife embark on a second career, opening a gluten-free bakery...The stories go on.  The people opening these bakeries didn't have previous careers in baking.  It is even more interesting to what these people were doing before they embarked on this new venture.  This goes to show you, that you don't have to have a path.  Sometimes the path finds you.

What I like about these types of articles, is that they are inspiring.  How nice to see people all over the world spreading the gluten-free word.  It makes you want to join in on the fun!

Here are some links to these bakeries that were given shout outs in today's Sunday Times:

Enjoy! xoxo Julie
Spread the Gluten-Free Word

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