Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gluten-Free Snacks on the Go

More and more.  More and more.  More and more, I am seeing the words Gluten-Free.  A breakthrough one might say.  I say bring it on.  Bring on the gluten-free, especially in the snacks department.  I am a working woman, and I like to bring my snacks to work.  It's hard when you step out for lunch and there is not much you can have.  And that always leads me to binge on something I should not be having.  No not, gluten, I don't dare go down that road, but I'll eat candy (GF of course).  But why resort to candy and crap when there are so many gf snacks to choose from?

We always have to be prepared.  It's just the way it is.  How's that song go?  "It's just the way it is, some things never change...dah da de dah-take a walk down 80's music memory lane for a moment, I love that song.

So if you know you are gluten-free and you want snacks bring them with you, and you won't ever have that problem of going back to something not good for you.  Or if you do the research ahead of time, before the hunger hits and know the places that carry the food that you need, you are then prepared.  My point is, be prepared, and the world will be your oyster. 

Drumroll please...badabadabadabada...GF Snacks

Skinny Popcorn only 35 calories a cup!  Hard to find, but when you do stock up!  I have found this awesome bag of popcorn at Food Emporium (sometimes) on Third Ave and 31st street, Christina's Market in East Norwich, Long Island, Mesina Kitchen in East Norwich, Long Island and Pathmark in Roslyn, Long Island.  Other then those spots for me, somewhat hard to find, but google it and you will find results.

Next on this list...badabadabadabadabada....Yoga Vive Chips-Dried Fruit, yummy and crispy almost has the same consistency as a chip but it's fruit!  Can't go wrong with that!!  Only 35 calories for 6 whole pieces! woo hoo!!.  These are 100% Fuji Apple Chips.  Kid Friendly, Gluten-Free and a great healthy snack.  There are two versions I have seen on these, either 100% Fuji Apple or 100% Fuji Apple with Peach flavor.
Crunchy and great if you keep them in the fridge.  I found these at CVS go figure, and GNC. 

The last snack, well not so healthy, but everyone has to indulge at some point, and these potato chips rock!  They taste so old school.  They are not baked or low fat, they are your all American chip.  You can find these almost anywhere!  I found these in Amagansett, New York but I see them everywhere from airport terminals to CVS to supermarkets and gas stations.  You can always find a potato chip that is gluten-free.  Just remember, the most pure in their original form are the gluten free versions.  When you start going baked, or powdered or flavored or lite, you are adding more processed ingredients and you will have that chance of encountering gluten.

Save the best for last right?  Did you know that Tate's famous cookies just came out with a gluten-free version?  Personally I think my homemade ones are better, but these rock just fine.  They are 80 calories per cookie, baked flat, thin and crispy.  They are made with rice flour, and their gluten cookies are made with barely.  They have the same packaging but they say GF.  At first my brother Greg mentioned them to me, he told me they carry them at Mesina Kitchen in East Norwich, Long Island.  So of course we went!  I had to try, had to have...what something new that's Gluten-Free?  I need to try for my blog and me!  So I did, and I asked their manager if they had a following, and well they do.  I then started seeing them at all Food Emporium markets!  Yeah!!  So easy to pick up a batch.  Yum!  Try them.

I like knowing that out there in the world is a world of gluten-free.  It puts my mind at ease that at any time I can find what I need and take care of myself.  And that is what is important to you, my readers.  Find what you need when you need it.  So for my readers, gluten free is out there!

I read on so many forums that people have trouble with this disease and allergy and I don't know why.  Yes, of course it is a struggle, and it is hard, but it's not as hard as you think.  Don't eat the gluten junk when you can find gluten free right around the corner.

Enjoy! xoxo Julie

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