Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jennifer Esposito Speaks Celiac Disease

One of my favorite actresses!  She has played such great characters and all my favorite cancelled shows like Samantha Who and varying other ones I can't remember the names of, but remember her character.  Well we all knew Jennifer was gluten-free, I had done a post on her a while back-a brief post.  But now after 2 years of her diagnosis Jennifer is getting smart.  Jennifer cares about the gluten-free world.  She wants to educate those who are unaware or struggling with the same disease.  My step-sister sent me a post from Grub Street on Jennifer, Celiac Disease and eating gluten-free.  It's definitely worthy to check out, as she reviews a very gf friendly restaurant in nyc called Goat Town.  I think I may need to make a ressie!  

In addition Jennifer will have her very own line of gf products.  I think this might be a very worthy product and no, not because Jennifer is an actress or a celebrity...more because of her diagnosis.  When you are diagnosed with CD or have a gluten-intolerance it feels really good to know you are not alone out there and that there are others who care and want to help.  I just spent some time on her blog before I decided to write this.  It's called Jennifer's way.  I love the blog.  There are not many posts yet because it is fairly new, but I see a lot of potential.  I read Jennifer's story, and just reading it makes me want to reach out.  Her story is so well written and reminds me of similar situations I went through myself.  I'll never forget going to trillions of doctor's for what seemed like a decade if not more and remembering all doctor's looking at me like I was crazy, telling me everything was fine and nothing was wrong, or it was in my head, or it was this or that, but never CD.  

It takes a lot of courage to rise above all doctor's that tell you everything you believe or think about your body is in fact wrong.  It takes strength to rise above and know your body and listen to your body, even if an "expert" is telling you otherwise.   

Interested in what Jennifer eats gluten-free?

Enjoy! xoxo Julie 


  1. Hi there, Jennifer Esposito here and wanted to thank you for the kind words. I am truly determined to educated people about this disease.

    Thank you again

    jennifer Esposito

    1. when will the g.f. bakery be open and where is it? Carl (your cousin)

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you so much for reading my blog!! When I read your story I almost died!! You really had it bad and so many of my readers did and do. I did as well. I'm glad we are all here to support, educate and live GF.

    Bakery? Yes, do tell when it will open!!! My readers would love to know and go.


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