Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flackers Crackers

They are gluten-free, raw, high in omega 3's with 7g fiber (really important)! and 5g protein (also super important)...Protein keeps us going and gives us energy, and the fiber?  Well I imagine good for any Celiac!!.  This product is only made with organic flax seeds and herbs/spices.  Cannot go wrong with that!! And only 100 calories for 3 In addition to that fabulous news, these crackers are also made in a NUT FREE and GLUTEN FREE facility!  It keeps getting better.

The creator of this cracker is actually an M.D.  Her name is Alison Levitt and she is a Holistic doctor.  She is certified in Family Medicine and specializes in Integrative Medicine.  That's why this brand is called Doctor In The Kitchen.  She belives that "good food is wise medicine".  She developed these crackers for her patients and then began selling them back in 2005 when she partnered with Don Kelly; a seasoned food marketer.  Gosh, these have been around this long? And I am just finding out about them now?? They come in 3 flavors: Savory (which is the one I tried), Rosemary and Dill.

Meet the Doctor.  She explains a bit more about her product such as the fact that these are sugar free, yeast free and rice free.  To find out more check her out and also try clicking HERE

In order to find these crackers near you, check the Store Locations for a fabulous list!

Yum! xoxo Julie


  1. the bag of Flackers I just bought states "Produced on shared equipment with peanuts, tree nuts, milk, wheat, soy and egg". I assume their production facility has changed since you posted this many years ago??

  2. Hi OA - Their procedures remain the same. They are celiac safe. They clean the lines in between each round so that there is no cross contamination. They are so super strict! Feel free and give them a call. Also kindly join me on my website as I have moved. I haven't written on this blogspot blog in years. xx


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