Sunday, January 8, 2012

Quick Healthy Chasers

**found in Shape Magazine Issue: April 2011

Whether you overindulged at the bar or the buffet, the right drink can help undo the damage.  Here, the perfect sips for three scenarios.

Problem: You got too happy at Happy Hour.
Fix: Coconut Water-The tropical beverage is packed with potassium, a mineral that's depleted when you drink too much alcohol.
**The clear liquid found inside a coconut has just 43 calories in 8 ounces.

Problem: You polished off a plate of pesto gf pasta.
Fix: Milk-According to a study published in the Journal of Food Science, a glass of nonfat moo juice can mask garlicky breath.

Problem: You overdid it in boot-camp class
Fix: Coffee-University of Georgia researchers found that caffeine in two cups of joe cut post-workout sorriness in half by blocking a chemical released in response to inflammation.

Enjoy! Happy New Year
xoxo Julie 

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