Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quick Gluten-Free Car Snacks

**Found in Real Simple Magazine, September 2011 issue

How many of us are always in a car?? I know I am!  And I live in the city.  I cannot tell you how many road trips and travels I have been on where I am in a bind because there is nothing gf.  The snacks at the fast food joints, although increasingly becoming gf (Burger King's fries are now GF, first time they have changed their recipe in YEARS), but still I cannot seem to find easy gf snacks.  So with this article found in Real Simple, you can.  Bring your own!  Have a few snacks stored in the car ready to go, so that you are not starving and grabbing something junky.

1.  2 clementines plus 7 walnuts halves.  163 calories/3g fiber/3g protein/9g fat

2.  1/4 cup soy nuts plus 1 tbsp. chocolate chips.  190 calories/6g fiber/12g protein/9g fat

3.  KIND peanut butter and strawberry bar.  190 calories/4g fiber/7g protein/11g fat

4.  Starbucks Grande Nonfat Cafe Latte. 130 calories/0g fiber/13g protein/0g fat, or try a Tall nonfat cappuccino for 90 calories.

5.  1/2 cup grapes plus 1 stick light mozzarella string cheese.  102 calories/1g fiber/7g protein/3g fat.

5.  8 Celery Stalks cut in half with 2 tbsp. Hummus.

6.  1 hard cooked egg mashed with 1 tsp. light mayo plus a pinch of celery salt plus 1 slice Udi's GF Grain bread or any gf bread that is worthy.  163 calories/2g fiber/10g protein/8g fat

7.  3 cups popped popcorn plus 2 tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese, plus chili powder, plus a pinch of cayenne pepper.  136 calories/4g fiber/7g protein/4g fat.

Enjoy!! xoxo Julie

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