Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wake Up Your Breakfast with These Healthy Combo's

**found in Feb. 2012 InStyle Magazine

For us Celiac's we have to get a bit creative in the kitchen to create some of the old flavors we all miss so much.  That's ok, we can do it!  Mostly from trial and error or helpful tips we can all conquer those who think that eating Gluten-Free is a death sentence.  Quite the contrary! Sometimes just using a little bit of mother nature can spice or sweet up our meal.

Exotic spices first thing in the morning?  Yes! says Lior LevSercarz.  Here's how to do it!!:

Add nutty, herbal and tart notes to an omelet with za'atar ($3/.8 oz., penzeys.com), a Middle Eastern spice mixture that consists of dried thyme, sumac, and sesame seeds.  Give your eggs a few shakes of the mix while cooking and when they are done, sprinkle more on top.

GF Oatmeal:
Dried long peppers, commonly used in Malaysia and Indonesia, impart a floral, vanilla flavor and a touch of heat.  Grate and sprinkle some over piping-hot cereal/oatmeal along with whatever fruit you've got on hand-with strawberries, says Sercarz, it's perfectly dreamy.

Yogurt: (make sure its gf!! Like Stonyfield or Fage)
Combine Greek yogurt with a shake of cinnamon, chopped candied ginger, honey, fresh fruit and a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds.  "The seeds bring a wonderful nutty flavor and texture to the creamy yogurt," he says.  Drizzle with orange-blossom water for a floral finish.

Enjoy these tips and why not create some of your own!!  If you do, don't forget to tell me what they were and how they tasted!! 

Enjoy! xoxo Julie

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