Sunday, February 5, 2012

HotDog & Hamburger Bun Smack Down

A few months ago I was at BareBurger, Murray Hill location NYC, one of my fav super casual gf spots for burgers.  They have lettuce wraps there, and that is what I usually get, however they told me they brought in a brand of gf buns.  I asked what the ingredients were and they mentioned they were tapioca rice buns.  Blech!  Seriously?!  Why not go for the good stuff?  I applaud any restaurant that wants to bring in gluten-free, but why bring in the undesirable gluten-free buns?  I mean really!  I told the manager they were disgusting and that they should bring in the better brands.  He mentions that kids and other people with Celiac or a gluten allergy are just so happy to see they can have a GF bun, they don't notice that it doesn't taste so good.  Say what?  That is not an excuse.  I don't think so!  I noticed!

My top favorite brands for hot dog and hamburger buns are:

Rudi's (don't forget the hamburger bun too!)

You will notice the difference between a nasty bun and an amazing bun.  Gluten-free or not, we all still have taste buds, and we all want and wish to eat foods that tasted they way they used to be.  So enough of this rice tapioca stuff!! Bring me the good stuff!

xoxo Julie

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