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Vitamin D, Calcium and Estrogen Levels

Did you know that 99% of your calcium goes to your bones and your teeth?  

Did you know that Vitamin D works hand in hand with Calcium by helping your intestines digest Calcium (a major building block for your bones)?

There are many cases of Celiac Disease that come with vitamin deficiencies especially D and Calcium.  Prior to my diagnosis-I was so utterly deficient in Vit. D and Calcium!  My number was so low once I got my blood levels tested with an endocrinologist (at the time the norm was a level of 40, and I was in the teens.  Now most doctors want your levels to be anywhere from 70 and up.  I do best when my levels are around 90).  And for those older, or even as young as your mid 30's-Osteoporosis (thinning of bone tissue and bone density over time) could become a concern over time whether it runs it the family or not and especially if you have Celiac Disease.  The same goes for cavities.  I notice that when my Vitamin D and Calcium levels are low I am more prone to cavities.  Every 6 months to a year I go for a dental check-up.  When I have no cavities I know my levels are great.  But when I come out of the office pouting that I have 3 cavities I know I need more Vitamin D and Calcium.  It all goes back to how your body is absorbing the nutrients.

Without the proper amount of Vitamin D, you will lose calcium and vise versa.  Since these two vitamins work together and do not work properly without each other, its is extremely important that you get your levels checked to either maintain your deficiency or find out if you have one, especially if you have Celiac Disease.  This is so important!

Makes you think about taking your vitamins doesn't it?

My Endocrinologist saved me!  Dr. Susan Thys-Jacobs.  She is an alternative Endocrinologist in NYC who specializes in Celiac Disease/and/or Gluten-Intolerance (among many other medical issues such as Thyroid etc).  She even has created her own product called Premcal.  It is a pill that combines higher dosages of Vitamin D3 and Calcium mixed with Magnesium (another natural vitamin that helps your bowels, especially since a high dosage of Vit. D can cause constipation (I know oh so gross!)).  Premcal comes in 3 levels (and should not be taken unless discussed/directed and seen by Dr. Susan Thys-Jacobs or monitored by another doctor aware of the product).  This is the one Vit. D/Calcium product that doesn't hurt your stomach.  There is Premcal Regular (is 1,000iu Vit. D and 500 units Calcium per pill), Premcal Extra-Strength (I take this one-(2,000iu Vit. D and 500 units Calcium per pill) and Premcal Ultra (4,000iu Vit. D and 500 units Calcium per pill).  I take 2 x pills per day.  What a difference!  Vitamin D and Vitamin D3 are different, please note.

Did you know that replenishing your dosages of Vitamin D and Calcium by taking Premcal, reduces your PMS symptoms and Periods by 50%?  I can only speak from experience.  I have been taking Premcal for many years now, while being monitored by Dr. Thys herself.  If I hadn't found her during the time I did I would have been in big trouble.  Between the combined help of Dr. Thys and Dr. Monica Peacocke (who has linked Celiac Disease with Vulvodynia and Estrogen levels)-I was saved.  I was so utterly deficient it affected my entire body, my immune system and my PMS.  Do you remember that episode of Sex & The City (Fox News article on Vulvodynia and HBO television show Sex & The City) where Charlotte goes to her gynecologist and finds out she has Vulvodynia?  In that episode it was not linked or connected to CD however, there can even be general symptoms "downstairs" related to how your vitamins are being absorbed in conjunction with Celiac Disease.

After starting this product and also going gluten-free my life changed.  Once I was on Premcal for a few months I noticed many positive changes.  Because guess what?  I'm not so tired anymore, my moods are more leveled and balanced, I don't have mood swings or frequent changes of mood anymore.  I'm more lively! And to be honest I am not that bitchy anymore for unknown reasons.  (Women, you know what I'm talking about).  My PMS (and I am sure my parents are thrilled, as they used to tell me I had PMS 24/7) has not only decreased but those 10 day periods with 24-26 day cycles have changed.  Now its 29-31 days with 6-7 day cycles with barely any cramps.  I went from taking Valium and Advil for the pain and missing work because I couldn't get out of bed to taking a few Advil tablets and never missing work.  I'd say an improvement!  Because it was seriously a doozy!.

Unfortunately if you have a Vitamin Deficiency like D-those few moments of sunlight or even hours or days will not be enough for you.  Drinking 4 glasses a milk per day won't help enough either.  If you are deficient in Vitamin B no amount of greens or kale or spinach or any veggie for that matter will help enough.  At this point you are too far beyond.  Of course eating greens and getting sunlight is an added bonus-but you will need that vitamin routine to bring your levels up and maintain them.

If you have issues with gluten or have Celiac Disease you may notice that your body without the proper vitamins, doesn't feel so good.  If you notice that your period cycles are too close together and your PMS feels over the top or off the charts and cramps are utterly painful, you may want to make an appointment with Dr. Thys.  (Keep in mind there are many people in life who just have plain vitamin deficiencies and it's also very important for those without CD to maintain their deficiencies.

Dr. Thys is amazing.  She is a tough cookie who knows her stuff.  She got me back on track and I guarantee she can get you back on yours.  When I say she is an Alternative Endocrinologist, I mean the following...She looks beyond what the blood labs say.  She reads between the lines and really gets to the bottom of the issues at hand by providing vitamin supplements and other forms of treatment, and really looks at natural ways to help your body get where it needs to go.  Dr. Monica peacock on the other hand also specializes in CD and has connected low amounts of Estrogen and low amounts of Vitamin D to be the cause of some vaginal symptoms.  She is also a miracle worker.  These 2 doctors know there stuff!  And if you are fortunate to get an appointment your life will change for the best!  (book ahead of time, these doc's have wait lists!)

Dr. Susan Thys Jacobs is located at 243 W. 58th street between 8th and 9th Avenue.  (212) 765-2260 or (212) 506-0246

Dr. Monica Peacocke is located at 16 E. 90th St.  (646) 672-0528

Enjoy! xoxo Julie

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