Monday, May 7, 2012

Domino's Pizza GF Crust w/ A Catch

I have been noticing a LOT of posting through Facebook and other social media websites that Domino's Pizza has come out with a gf crust.  I was super excited to see this!! Because Domino's is a major chain nationwide. I thought Great!!!  But there is a catch!  A big catch.  Domino's is saying that this pizza is made in the same ovens as their gluten pizzas, and are ONLY suitable for those with a gluten-sensitivity!! And therefore NOT suitable for people with Celiac Disease.

What is that?  Half-ass GF pizza?  Yes, I agree it is a start, but a half-ass start.  So those that really suffer from the actual disease can't even enjoy this pizza.  I am not sure what the point of that is.  So I think this pizza should be called Gluten-Sensitive Pizza rather then Gluten-Free Pizza.  Let's not get those two confused!! We are too smart for that by now, with all of the research done on Celiac Disease in this decade.  Let's not take a step backwards and make mistakes we may have made before knowing so much.  I mean really.

The gluten-free crust is made in a facility where there is gluten present, like the ovens.  There is a lot of cross contamination.  So I say, Celiac's, newbies, people that think it might be ok, please steer clear because you WILL get sick, and that is NOT worth your precious time!!.

Please click here for article and video from The Huffington Post.

The article fights for those with a gluten-sensitivity, as mentioned there are at least 18 million Americans who are gluten-sensitive.  But this is a huge gray area.  How can you determine how sensitive you are when ordering this gf crust?  Are you a little sensitive?  A lot sensitive? Medium sensitive?

The National Foundation For Celiac Awareness does NOT recommend this for people who suffer from Celiac Disease.

The Domino's video states that there is a small trace of gluten in their crust.  They say it's almost "0" percent, but there are still traces.  So even though Domino's is stating that there crust is gluten-free, I think gluten-free should be and mean 100 percent.  Not almost 100 percent.

Please also note that not EVERY location carries this gluten-sensitive pizza crust.  Please check with your location.

See Domino's Facebook Page for FAQ on the difference between Celiac Disease and a Gluten-Sensitivity.  Please do NOT disregard the disclaimer!!!!

**I am using "kid friendly" labels for this post because I want all parents to see this post and know that a child with Celiac Disease cannot have this pizza.

Enjoy! xoxo Julie

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