Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chocolate Strawberry Kebab

**Serves 2

It all started with a box of strawberries.  Well actually, it started with my friend coming over.  I told her I'd make her dinner.  I was feeling experimental and I wanted to cook.  It's no fun cooking for yourself, although I do that all the time, It's always nice to have a taste tester besides yourself.  You could end up being bias.  He he he he!

So Marci came over and I made 3 courses, but as you know and can tell from my blog, dessert always should go first, it is most exciting.  

After the two courses I figured fruit would be a happy medium, it's sweet and healthy.  So out of the fridge came the box of strawberries.  But then I got in the experimental mood, and I thought what else do I have in my kitchen that I can add to strawberries? Hmmm...I had GF dark chocolate morsels, popcorn, Agave syrup, skim milk and coconut macaroons oh and I almost forgot! Shish Kebab sticks. (always have those in the house!! You can make any kind of shish kebab from meat to fruit or even a brownie kebab-there is so much you can do with a shish kebab stick-This my mother taught me, as she ALWAYS had these in the house-probably because she had a BBQ.  I don't, but I still have the sticks).  I could work with this.  I had butterscotch too, but that may have been over kill.  (But if making this for kids, I'd add the butterscotch morsels and melt those too).

So I told Marci I changed my mind, and within a few minutes, I'd say about 10-15, I had an entirely new and delicious creation!  Yay!!  Now don't be afraid to get your hands dirty!!, We are creating here, and cooking is like art.  Something you start with may end up being something entirely different in the end.

1.  On a plate I sprinkled a bit of Skim Milk-about 1/8-1/4 cup.  This is to wet the plate, give it some moisture before you lay down the dessert.  You don't want to add too much, because you don't want anything to be soggy.

2.  After you wash the strawberries cut them in half and put about 7-8 pieces on each shish kebab stick.

3.  Place the strawberry shish kebab stick in the center of the plate, and allow the the milk to wet the strawberry kebab.

4.  In a separate custard cup pour about 1/8-1/4 cup dark chocolate morsels and put in microwave for one minute at a time until thoroughly melted.  (If put into microwave for too long mixture becomes clumpy and hard).  Once melted, pour thin strands of the chocolate over the kebab and the plate.

5.  Pour a small amount of light Agave Syrup (found at any market) onto the kebab and plate as well.

6.  Separately take one GF coconut macaroon and microwave for about 5-10 seconds.  Put macaroon into another custard cup filled with a small amount of skim milk.  Mash the macaroon with the skim milk until you have a soaked clumpy mixture (nothing too soggy, so don't use too much milk).  Cut the mixture in half and with a spoon, place part of the mixture on each plate off to the side near the kebab.  Thinly slice 1/2 strawberry and place on top of the coconut mixture and sprinkle some melted dark chocolate onto the coconut mixture as well.

7.  Sift a bit of confections sugar onto the kebab.  (This step can be left out if desired)

8.  Last but not least take a few popcorn morsels and sprinkle those on the plates as well.

**You can substitute DF milk or Lactaid for the skim milk.  And you can sub in GF Kosher dark chocolate morsels for the dark chocolate if you need this to be kosher and/or dairy free.

Although there are many steps to this dessert it is quite effortless!  And tastes so super good!!

Copyright© 2012 Julie Rosenthal.  All recipes cannot be copied without owner's permission.  All Rights Reserved.

Enjoy! xoxo Julie

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