Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gluten in Medications

Dear everyone!

Please be careful when taking generic vitamins.  As we all know different manufacturers ingredients/thickeners and fillers can be different from the branded versions.  I of course know this, but when my pharmacy tells me what they order for me is gluten-free I obviously want to trust them, because hey they are pharmacists and I would assume as a medical professional they do the research.

But alas, this was NOT the case with mine.  Sad face.  It only took me about 3 days to realize that the generic brand (Paddock) given to me was NOT gluten-free.  I did a ton of research on the web, and even called them directly.  I explained the situation briefly and asked how they could assist me.  They didn't know what to do with me, and transferred me to a voice mail.  I realized I would never get an answer from them.

After the research I did on the Internet I saw many other people posting about gluten in the Paddock generic vitamin supplements-mentioning that they too had gluten issues after consuming their products.

On most GF Drug lists it mentions that Paddock for Ferrous Gluconate does not detect levels of gluten. So I thought for a moment that I was safe and that my symptoms were not from this pill.  But the mere fact that my diet had not changed in months also led me to believe that this pill was the culprit.  

But after 2 days of digesting this pill my hair started to get thin again and a bit was falling out.  Not a huge amount, but enough that my red flag went up in my brain.  Besides stomach issues which I had too much of after consuming this product, my 2 most immediate symptoms of gluten detection are hair loss and acne breakouts.  !! Ugh! In addition I had been told by my doctor that Ferrous Gluconate has some serious side effects of (not to be gross) constipation.  So I was prepared to take additional magnesium and other supplements if necessary.  But I also never encountered this issue, instead it was the opposite.  That too was also a major sign for me.  

For many with Celiac or a gluten-intolerance, those who digest gluten often have this issue.  There are others out there who do not, so symptoms may vary, but if you notice a change like I did you need to immediately take precaution.

Seriously, my hair was looking SOOOO good the last few months!  And now? Here we go again.  After just 3 pills I stopped.  But now it's going to be about 1 month for my hair to restore.  That's what usually happens.  Not a total set back, but enough of one.  It's just annoying.

I wish these generic manufacturer's would list allergens on their packaging.  Wishful thinking I suppose, but for the time being doing the leg work on your own is a MUST.

Walgreen's brand of this vitamin supplement IS gluten-free and states it on the packaging.  I just ordered it from their website.

To be honest he last thing I felt like doing was researching for HOURS on this product trying to figure out if this was gluten-free.  So I made the mistake of trusting that this med was probably gluten-free and took it anyways not knowing 100 percent the situation.  No I shall suffer the consequence.  Boo!  But now I know for the next time...a sudden negative change in my body needs to be immediately researched.  We only have one body!  And CD or a gluten-intolerance is serious shit!  Not to be messed around with or taken lightly.

Remember when gluten enters our system it deteriorates our insides, our intestines and our ability to fight disease and sickness.  Therefore the more gluten in our systems means its will be easier to get sick and harder to get rid of it.  And who needs that right before Flu season?  Certainly not me!

Sometimes I forget I am my best source to knowing what is ok and what is not ok for MY body.  A pharmacist, a doctor or any medical professional only knows so much.  You have to always remember to listen to your body, myself included.

Enjoy! xoxo Julie

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