Monday, October 29, 2012

Gingerbread Chocolate Cupcakes

What else am I going to do being stuck inside all day due to Hurricane Sandy's arrival...BAKE, bake and bake!  In the event we loose electricity I would like to have some homemade sweets lurking.  So yesterday while waiting on a 45 minute grocery check-out line I grabbed a Betty Crocker Devil's Food chocolate cake GF mix and two boxes of confections sugar and figured that would definitely do.

Although...I like to make my own icing-nothing store bought because it gets soft and it tastes so artificial, so I (uh oh, lights just flickered big time-that made me nervous)! to make Magnolia's recipe for Buttercream icing.

I added some brown food coloring to get a toffee color for the icing and I added Glutino's GF Chocolate Wafer cookies as well as Mi-Del's sugary Gingerbread Men GF cookies atop the icing.

I used to take a pastry bag and ice the tops of the cupcakes, but if you want to save time, and I certainly did today, I used a ice cream scooper and lightly plopped the icing onto each cupcake.  It came out really nice.  (You want to get an metal ice cream scooper that is on the small-medium size otherwise it's way too much icing for one cupcakes).

**You can also make these for Halloween!  Just change the decorations, but keep the brown icing.

And then I taste tested, and these were REALLY good.  You should try making them.  Yum!!

P.S.-For my New York followers and email subscribers-Be safe during this storm!!!

xoxo Julie

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