Saturday, November 17, 2012

Get Your Thanksgiving On with Tu Lu's Bakery!!

Hello fellow readers!  It's been so long since blogging my last post I forgot my own password!  But fear not I am back.  And back with some tantalizing news about Tu Lu's Bakery on East 11th Street in NYC and their second/third locations which I have not been to in Dallas (on Sherry Lane and the other in the West Village, Dallas)  has some new goodies just in time for Thanksgiving!!  I was there last Saturday and bought two already made pie crusts!  2 for $14.  Great deal.  They are the freshest if used within the month.  I can't wait to bake pie!  Please click on the NYC link for GF Thanksgiving Menu with Tu Lu's Bakery and click on the Dallas link for the GF Thanksgiving Menu.  In addition you can get GF Quiche, GF Breads, GF Pies, Stuffing Mix, GF Cakes and GF Dinner rolls.  The pies, some breads and the stuffing mix is dairy-free too!  And the banana loaf is Vegan and Tully really knows how to make Vegan taste real good!.  Ahhhh.  There is a G-D.  GF G-D I mean.  

In addition you can also buy the dough (rolled) AND you can also buy small amounts of cookie dough!! And it's all ready for the oven all you have to do is roll it out.  It is sold individually, meaning it's not enough for 36 cookies, but for singular larger cookies!!  Yummy!  So if you are in the mood for 1 cookie and don't want to make an entire batch you just roll it out and pop one into the oven.  Darn I so wish I bought that!  It's such a clever idea.  And who wouldn't want 1 singular cookie at any time of your convenience from Tu Lu's Bakery?

In addition Tu Lu's is now taking Thanksgiving pie orders, so if you just don't have the time to make one on your own, you can have the amazing baking staff at Tu Lu's make one or two or three or four!  for you!.

Ah, I love Tu Lu's Bakery!  Call to place your order!!

Enjoy!! xoxo Julie

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