Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Gluten-Free Taste Of THAI

I found these at Fairway Market, the new one that just opened up in Murray Hill, NYC...Awesome!  My mom had told me about them so I bought two.  To try.  For my blog of course.

What's so great is that they don't have many calories, they are really good, all you need to make it is water and a microwave, because the packaging it comes in acts as the package you use, microwave safe.

It took me about 4 minutes to make.  

First you open the package and remove everything inside.  Fill the carton to the inside line.  The packaging says 1 cup, but I think it's really about 1 cup and a splash or two to meet the line.  Then you microwave it for 3 minutes with the water and the pasta, lid not closed.  Then you add in the other ingredients and sauce for an additional minute.  Then you take it out of the microwave (careful its hot) and add the peanuts.  And then it's done and ready to eat (it will be steaming).  It looked a little watery at first, but then after just sitting for not even a full minute, it thickened up.  It was delicious!  (Although I made it wrong, I added everything but the peanuts for 3 minutes including the sauce and then after read the directions and cooked it for an additional minute.  I made it wrong but it was still sooo good).

Great idea, clever packaging, 260 calories for the entire box, and it's a perfect work day lunch!

I had the Pad Thai, and this week I'm gonna try the Yellow Curry Noodles, and there were like 5 to choose from.

Great alternative!

Enjoy!! xoxo Julie

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