Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sheryl Crow's Favorite Breakfast Burrito

**found in January 14th Issue of Us Magazine, and converted with gluten-free options.  Original article does not use gluten-free.

Sheryl Crow's dietitian designs a menu for Us.  Just add snacks!

by Jennifer O'Neill

Start the day with might!  "If you skip breakfast, by the time lunch hits, you'll feel the world owes you food", says dietitian Rachel Beller, author of Eat to Lost, Eat to Win.  Not so with the 290-calorie burrito.  It's a perfect combination of satisfying fat, protein and fiber, says the expert, who prescribes 30 grams of filling fiber daily-10 of those at your a.m. meal.  "This dish gives you that insurance in a tasty way!".

Breakfast Burrito

Pam olive spray
onion and bell pepper, diced as desired
2 egg whites
1/2 cup black beans, cooked
1 small sprouted gf tortilla or low carb tortilla-soft
1/2 oz. shredded Mexican cheese blend salsa, as desired

1.  Mist a skillet with olive oil.  Heat on medium.
2.  Add onion and peppers and saute until soft.
3.  Add egg whites and some of the beans, as desired.  Scramble until cooked through.
4. Pile the mixture onto a tortilla top with cheese and salsa; fold burrito-style.  Serve with remaining beans and salsa, as desired.

This one is easy gluten-free!  Just find a gluten-free tortilla like those at Rudi's! or any other gluten-free corn tortilla (soft)  Yum!!

Happy New year!

Enjoy! xoxo Julie

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