Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gluten-Free Gingerbread Men

So you are gluten-free, and you want Gingerbread cookies, but you don't want to slave in the kitchen…am I right?

And you want these cookies for the Christmas Holidays right?

You don't want to feel deprived, you want to feel spirited on this gorgeous holiday right?

Holiday traditions are no fun when you can't participate.

I have the perfect solution for you then.

Mi-Del Cookies.

Mi-Del cookies are gluten-free and totally fabulous!  Especially the Gingerbread Men cookies.

I can tell you one thing.  I cannot tell the difference.

Some products of there's are gluten free/casein free, gluten-free/dairy free.  Check it out under FAQ or find out where you can pick up your Mi-Del gluten-free cookies- Buy Now

Super kid friendly, friendly box, tasty.

Enjoy!! xoxo Julie

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