Friday, March 8, 2013

Pimp Your Nutella-Not Just A Spread For Your Bread

Hello fellow readers!

Exciting news.  Some may already know, and others may be curious...but Nutella is gluten-free and wheat-free.  I never thought that this spread would be, but I did notice a lot of recipes, NYC GF bakeries like Tulu's GF Bakery and others using Nutella as part of their additions on their cupcakes, cakes and cookies!  Exciting huh?

Pimp Your Nutella-10 ways

1. A spread for your bread

2. A dollop in your coffee with a candy cane=chocolate mint coffee

3. As frosting for your cupcake

4.  As an ingredient in your raw balls=Seeds, nuts, honey or dates and nutella.  Roll into balls and freeze for 4 hours.  Keep candies in the freezer and take out to eat as a treat.

5.  As a dip with apples

6.  Sandwiched between banana slices

7.  With your celery (as a dip)

8.  To bake with

9. As a spread on your pancakes

10.  As a sauce on your ice cream sundae


Enjoy! xoxo Julie 

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