Monday, April 22, 2013

Ultimate Gluten-Free Pancake Mix Smackdown

I can't seem to get enough of pancakes! Gluten-free of course! I have to admit that the taste and texture of gf pancakes is different them what pancakes used to taste like-fluffy and light and often soggy with too much maple syrup.

Prior to my diagnosis I hated pancakes and waffles. I always thought they were so heavy and filling. Just a few bites and I'd feel like I eaten a five course meal. I didn't realize I was a victim of gluten. No wonder I'd get so full so fast! I was eating the one thing my body was never able to digest.

So now being gluten free for so long I started out with Bisquick gf pancake mix. They are good, don't get me wrong, but this mix is thick and not very pourable. So when they hit the pan they don't spread and they often burn quickly. They are very quick to make but just don't taste like that old school pancake. And oh how I miss the taste of that old school pancake.

Then I tried Pamela's gf pancake baking mix. You can also turn that mix into cookies, muffins and crepes. But the mix for pancakes just didn't do it for me and I love her mixes. It was better then the Bisquick mix but still no cigar...

Until I came across the Kinnikinnick gf pancake mix. OMG! Heaven! The mix was thin. Actually thinner then I would expect but perfect for the most amazing pancakes! So easy to pour. And they didn't burn. They tasted just like the real thing. Finally! And there is a recipe for crepes on the back too! This gf mix rocks!!!

So for all you pancake lovers and pancake makers out there here is my GF pancake list-the first one being the best:

Enjoy! Xoxo Julie

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