Sunday, September 29, 2013

Farmer's Market Finds-Fall Harvest

Hello my fellow readers!

I hope you are enjoying this amazing Fall we have thus far!  If you are in NYC, I hope you are taking advantage of the Union Square Green Farmer's Market as the veggies and fruits are to die for right now!  I just picked up some organic kale, some amazing Gala, Dessert and Fuji apples-they are so crispy and delicious!  I also got two kinds of pears: Bartlet and Bosc, and I scooped up some fabulously scented onions and very ripe tomatoes.  Feeling super excited!  The apples are beyond delicious.  And the kale in my smoothie this a.m. was amaze balls.  I'm thinking of roasting the tomatoes soon-and I'll add some natural spices and herbs to that dish.

I just loving cooking with what Mother Nature intended for us!  Check out some of your local green markets-and try new things.  Try a new recipe!  Eat a new veggie or fruit that you haven't before.  Maybe one you have seen but have never tried.  The medicinal and healing benefits to these foods are fantastic!  Root veggies are In Season.  That means stews, roasting, sauteing and baking!!.  Yum!  

My new veggie to try is a root veggie.  I LOVE Acorn and Butternut squash but I have never actually made it myself.  So this is what I'll be trying this week.  I think ill chop up some other veggies and make either Quinoa or Amaranth and stuff my squash with those things and bake it.  I'll be sure to snap some photo's of the outcome.  I anticipate that it  will be delicious!

I am so excited to share my collection of recipes, reviews, openings and stories from the last few months!  Don't fret, just another month and this blog will be back with a BANG and reconstructed to my delight!  Since the beginning of the Summer I have been enrolled as a student again, first time since I graduated college back in 2000!  It's taken up a lot of my time-in an amazing way of course, but my blog unfortunately has taken the side road.  So to all of my loyal followers, Thank You.  I'll be back soon.

Love and Kisses

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