Monday, December 23, 2013

Radiant Raspberry Smoothie

This smoothie is packed with raspberries, cucumbers, coconut butter, pumpkin seeds, bananas, Rose Water, fresh lemon juice, coconut milk and more!  

Cucumbers: Hydration and water
Pumpkin Seeds: Iron
Coconut Butter-Healthy Fat (that is essential for our bodies, as our bodies cannot function without…)
Floral Flavor: Raspberries and natural rose water 
Potassium: Bananas

During those afternoon slumps you may want to reach for a candy bar or a snack bag of chips out of mere convenience but your body is craving something more.  Sometimes you just need a boost!  And why not with an amazing smoothie that is made from Mother Nature's goodness? Try this, it will give you that spark you were looking for.  When my Anemia creeps up and the afternoon slump comes along, this smoothie bumps up my energy and satisfies my afternoon or pre dinner snack craving stat!

2/3 + an additional 1/4 Coconut Milk (regular)
6-7 thick slices about 3/8 inch thick of peeled cucumber
1/2 cup + 8 additional frozen raspberries
1/2 frozen banana
1 tsp. Rose Water (culinary rose water-do not use the water from your vase of flowers)
1 pinch of Poppy floral flavored sugar
1 small handful of raw sprouted pumpkin seeds
1 heaping tbsp. raw cacao powder
1 tsp. raw unfiltered organic honey
1 tsp. chia seeds
1 heaping tsp. raw vegan coconut butter
optional: 1 tsp. Greek non fat yogurt
5-6 ice cubes

Add everything into your high speed blender except the ice, veggies and fruits first.  The coconut milk should be added second to last. Then blend, blend, blend without the ice cubes to your desire.  Then add ice cubes, and blend again.

Serves 2 8oz Mason Jars

Enjoy!! xx
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