Monday, February 24, 2014

Pickled Deviled Eggs

Hello Lovelies!

I'm not addicted to deviled eggs or anything, but I do love making healthy versions for breakfast.  It's sort of become this fun project I do either in the morning before work or at night.  Making these healthy creations gets me excited for breakfast!!  And I don't know many excited to eat breakfast, especially in New York City, the heart of stress, chaos and time suckage, where those walking the streets are like Zombies at 8am racing to the nearest Starbucks for their triple Venti Latte.  So it's really important that we do eat breakfast, it will set the tone of the day.  And I'm not just talking about your boring hard boiled eggs with a coffee-and down that faster then life itself and head into a meeting, setting your Monday totally off, and completely starved by lunch time.  Na…I'll pass on that scenario, and take getting creative in my kitchen to set the day. Knowing I have nourished myself with foods and vegetables that my body will love makes me feel so good throughout the day.  It's a gorgeous feeling.

And getting creative in the Kitchen does NOT have to take up all your time either. These deviled eggs took a total of 5 minutes to make since I had already boiled them the night before.

I remember those days I used to have before going Paleo and before Nutrition School when I worked in the Fashion Industry…I'd be scarfing down any meal I got my hands on (gluten-free of course) and racing to the next moment, worried about the next meeting the next deadline.  I wasn't even living in my present moment because I was thinking about the next moment.  That there was never enough time in the day to get anything done, and I can guarantee you that scarfing down my food and not enjoying it's natural flavor and taste was a major culprit.

So this is the reason I am loving the healthy version of Deviled Eggs, because they add a little pizazz into my morning.

1 extra large egg
4 butter pickle slices

Boil egg in a pot filled with water for about 15-20 minutes (this can be done the night before, or even the day before)
Once boiled put in a bowl of cold water to cool
Remove the shell of the egg
Cut egg in half
Using a spoon extract the yolks and put them in a coffee mug
Slice and dice 2-3 butter pickles into tiny pieces
Add pickles to yolk mixture
Add about 1 Tbsp. of cold water (or more if needed) and mash the ingredients together (the consistency should not be runny, or too solid either.  It's that perfect blend that looks like you added in Mayo but didn't)
Spoon mixture back into each egg
Top with an additional half slice of butter pickle for garnish
Serves 1

-I use Organic, Cage-Free, No Antibiotics or Hormones eggs.  Learn where your animal protein comes from and the conditions they were in before slaughter.  This makes a huge difference on your body.
-Want to make multiple eggs?  Just add more pickles and more water.

Enjoy!! xx Julie

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