Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The BEST Cauliflower Mash

Hello Lovelies!!

A super cold week just lends itself to this amazing recipe.  Once I went Paleo I had to say goodbye to white potatoes of any kind all together.  I never really ate them often, but I definitely like having that option, plus I had just gone to the Farmers Market and bought a bunch of Fingerling potatoes.  That was definitely a bummer.  In my beginning days of Paleo, I just didn't know what to eat or what to cook, and what to cook that would make me feel full and satisfied until I came across Cauliflower Mash.  I had always heard of making faux mashed potatoes from Cauliflower, but the inspiration to make it never took place.  I was set in my ways.  Until I couldn't be set in my ways any longer.

I started looking at Paleo blogs, and searching for easy recipes that I could make that wouldn't take a long time.  And I came across one of my now favorite blogs called Nom Nom Paleo by Michelle Tam and Henry Fong.  I ended up using my Nutribullet and not a food processor, so I had to add in a bit of coconut milk to get it moving.  I swear this is the best side dish ever!!!  You cannot mess up this recipe. It's nearly impossible.  I usually eat that along with veggies and my animal protein like turkey meatballs or beef meatballs.  It's just the BEST.

You can make this with one head of cauliflower, two heads or three or even four-but you definitely can only fit one head in the Nutribullet at a time.  I'll break it down for you.  The below recipe is using one head of Cauliflower, but if you want to make more simply double, triple or fourple the recipe.  It's really just that easy.

1 Cauliflower head 
3 peeled pieces of Ready Cut Garlic
1/3 cup unsweetened Coconut Milk
High speed blender
Large Pot

Remove bottom of Cauliflower, and cut into pieces.  Wash thoroughly.
In a large pot steam your Cauliflower and garlic until tender.  How do you know it's tender? Stick a fork in it.  If it easily slides out, then it's done.  5 minutes plus.
Add Cauliflower and garlic into high speed blender and push down so all pieces fit in.  
Add 1/3 cup of unsweetened coconut milk
Blend until desired consistency

This is your $4.95 Steamer.  It's rubber, dishwasher safe, can be bought at any Kitchen store.  This has little legs and should sit inside your large pot.  

This is your large pot.  Set on the stove on Medium heat.  Fill it with a tad amount of water.  You don't want the water above your steamer.  The legs of the steamer should have water.  But you don't want water seeping through the wholes of the steamer or coming up above it.  Once your steamer filled with the garlic and cauliflower is inside the pot, you will want to cover the pot so the steam gets locked in.

Serves 3 or 1 with plenty of leftovers

Goodie Tip of the day-Use your seasonings!! Spices or herbs always work, and can change the taste of your mash each time.  A few days later I added just a tad Nutmeg and it was delicious!

This can either be a mash as a side dish or it can be a soup just blended a little longer.

It's so easy.  You can make this.  Your kids can make this.  I'm not sure if your pets can…but you can try and teach them…I mean Jinxy the cat in Meet the Parents learned how to flush…

Enjoy!! xx Julie

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