Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tootsie Roll Smoothie

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to whether the coconut is a nut or a fruit.  Until this year, it was always a fruit.  Now there are debates on this fact.  I am allergic to tree nuts, and I don't have any issues with coconuts.  Since the debate is up for grabs, I am going with the notion that they are in fact a fruit rather then a nut, hence the reason I consider this a nut free smoothie.

Hemp seeds, often called Hemp nuts, are in fact a seed, so this seed is safe for those with nut allergies.  Hemp seeds and Hemp milk I adore!  I used to ignore these nut free milks when I was a dairy drinker, but when I quit dairy milk, I needed a substitute.  I went for coconut milk and hemp milk.  Since I can't have almond milk (which is so delightful), I sub in unsweetened Hemp milk or Hemp seeds and it gives my smoothie that nutty texture and taste almonds would have.

Stay tuned for my recipe of Hemp milk!  I'm going to make that a little later on.  I can't wait!  Hemp milk with zero additives.  How totally awesome and healthy!!

Lately when my friends come over, I insist on making something.  A concoction of sorts, using my creative magic, whether it be a smoothie or a fabulous appetizer or treat.  My creative soul peaks out when I cook.  I often do not follow recipes, I just look at what I have in my kitchen at that moment and I let my instincts guide me.  I often jot them down after, but then I forget to blog them!  Silly me!!  So instead of forgetting this time, I am going to write down here exactly what I did to achieve the taste of a sugar free Tootsie Roll smoothie.

I took a two week break from smoothies.  I had gotten super sick and the thought of a smoothie was just hideous.  On a normal day green smoothies are my rock,  but when I got sick you couldn't have paid me to drink one.  My taste buds had left the building.  Yesterday was the first time in two weeks that I had a smoothie, and I didn't add avocado, so it was more like a juice.  Today I added a bit of avocado-so good!  I think my taste buds are coming back! Yay.

What I like about this smoothie is that it is not sweet.  I put in just enough fruit so that it wouldn't taste like broccoli, but on a strict Paleo diet, with a side of Candida, I prefer to keep the sugar low which would make this a diabetic friendly smoothie.  Better for my body, ya know?

1 tsp. Hemp Seeds (no you won't get high, and no there is no THC in these seeds)
1 Tbsp. Raw Cacao powder
1 Tbsp. Chia Seeds
1 tsp. Maca Root Powder
1 cup Unsweetened Coconut Milk
3-4 chunks Honey Dew Melon
1 handful Spinach
7-8 thick slices of Cucumber
1 large floret Frozen Broccoli
Juice from 1/2 Lime
1/4 slice Avocado
3-4 ice cubes (add last after all is already blended)
Optional: 3-4 drops of Liquid Stevia for sweetness

**Smoothies are a great way to get your probiotic in!  You don't taste it.  I have a probiotic that is a powder.  I simply add the daily dosage amount into the smoothie.

**When it comes to clean eating and Organic-I strive for half and half.  I follow the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15.    And that means that my cucumbers, broccoli, maca root powder and spinach are ALWAYS organic.  The fruits and veggies that have a protective shell I am more inclined to just get the regular (non gmo) fruits and veggies.  Those are the ones that have a sticker starting with the number 4, which are in this smoothie: Avocados, Melon, Limes

No need to freak if you can't afford Organic, and It's just not your jam.  Use what you have and get those nutrients in your body! : )

In case you are wondering what a large Broccoli floret looks like here is a pic.  You can always even go bigger!  But don't go smaller.

1. In a Nutribullet or high speed blender add everything minus the avocado and ice.  At this point you would add the probiotic.  Blend, blend, blend.
2. Then add the small amount of avocado and blend again.
3. Then add the ice for your final blend.
Pour and enjoy.

Makes 1 gorgeous smoothie

**If you enjoy a super thick smoothie then add more avocado.  This smoothie is not super thick at all.  For me it's just perfect.

xo Julie 

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