Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Making My Own Paleo Trail Mix

Doesn't it look cutesy and fancy in a cupcake tin? 

Why?  I am so pro Paleo.  I sell it like a car commercial I am told.  And I'm not a sales gal.  I just have passion for the lifestyles that make my clients, my friends, my co-workers and fellow strangers I often chat to feel better.  Including myself!

Because when I make a trail mix with foods that don't inflame my body I don't get tired after I eat it.  Grains, legumes, dairy or added sugar all can make you very lethargic.  I'm sure you have heard people speaking of a food coma after a meal.  And that word has become a trend.  "food coma".  I'm in a "food coma".  I'm having a "food coma".  Whenever someone eats an amazing, star quality meal, it's usually followed by lol, "food coma".  I'm not sure why this is a laugh out loud situation.  In fact, if you are feeling food coma like after a meal that is supposed to nourish your body, I'm not so sure it is doing the right job.  Nourishment should not make you feel tired after.  Refined Sugar makes you tired after.   Grains can make you feel tired after.  Even legumes and dairy can make you tired after.  They all might be tasting mighty good at first, but if you are walking back to work feeling utterly exhausted, or sleeping at your desk, or not able to make it out past your dinner dates-you have a problem on your hands.  It's called-Your body isn't getting nourished.

We need nourishment in order to function in this lovely world.  If we don't get the nutrients and vitamins we need it hinders us from conquering our dreams.  And let's not forget about absorption!!  That is huge.  If your body is clogged with unwanted substances and yes that even includes sugar!! Then how do you think your body will get the necessary nutrients to absorb and feed your body.  Without proper absorption, your body is screwed!  Hello hair loss, thin nails, acne, rashes, eczema, vitamin deficiencies...You probably think I am exaggerating, but seriously?  How can you be your healthiest self, if you are too tired to figure it out?  Think about it.

Since I went back to school for Nutrition, I am all about Superfoods.  Have you heard about Superfoods? Superfoods are foods that have healing properties.  So what do they do for you?  What are the benefits?  What are you going to get out of this?  They are not intended to cure, but they bump up your immune system.  They give you healing boosts!  They maintain stress, provide super nutrients, help skin, make you feel balanced, give you excellent sources of vitamins, iron ,magnesium, vitamin A, they give you energy!! and more!…They are so truly amazing.

Are you ready now?  Ready to dive into my super amazing Trail Mix??

Ok first.  You need to purchase some super foods.  And I bet you are wondering where to get these lovely gems?  Whatever you do-If you want to save money, shop online!!

Vitacost.com is probably the best source quality, price and quantity wise.  I tell you I went to Fairway and Whole Foods to grab some and each bag was at least 12-20 dollars MORE then Vitacost.  And that is A LOT!  Because superfoods are expensive!  They are so worth it, because a little goes a long way, but since they are expensive you want to get them where it won't cost you an arm and a leg.  For example Maca Root, especially if organic, and you really want organic-this powder comes in a bag.  My first bag lasted me 9 months.  At a typical retail store like Whole Foods or Fairway Maca Root Powder can be up to 38 dollars a bag.  On Vitacost.com Maca Root Powder is 18 dollars.  As for Goji Berries, I have had the same large bag for 1 full year.  I bought them on Vitacost.com at 18 dollars, but at the retail stores they were 25 dollars.  So be your own Superfoods Detective.  Know your prices.  Get these online.  Check out Vitacost.com

For this mix, I do not use measurements, I go by fistful handfuls.

1 large handful unsweetened Coconut shreds (I love Bob's Red Mill)
1 small handful Goji Berries (1 serving is 14 pieces-use this sparingly)
1 large handful raw cacao nibs
1 small handful chia seeds
1 large handful hemp seeds
1 small handful pumpkin raw seeds
1 small handful sunflower raw seeds

optional: 1 small handful blueberries

1.  Mix it all together and enjoy

Serves 1.

Enjoy!! xox Julie

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