Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sesame Chocolate Bar Smoothie

When it comes to following the Paleo Diet (aka Primal, Primal Blueprint Diet, Caveman Diet) the "no added sugar" part can get tricky.  I learned this even before Paleo, when I enrolled at my awesome Nutrition School The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Did you know that even nut and seed butters have added cane sugar?  Why do you think it tastes so good? And even though it's not a lot-1-3 percent of added cane sugar-it's still added sugar and would be considered not Whole 30 or Paleo friendly.

Therefore I only buy organic nut and seed butters that are unsweetened-sugar and sodium free.  That means the only sugars in these nut butters are the natural ones that come with the seed or the nut.  Now the butters I buy definitely taste different then what you would be used to-no doubt-the ingredient list on the back you can actually read, and understand what's in your seed or nut butter.  And there are only like 4 ingredients, sometimes 2.  I even have a friend who makes a kids "gross" face when she tastes it on its own and claims that's what her mom used to buy her when she was growing up and therefore resists it.  But the way I see it, is that in this world we eat pounds and pounds of sugar without realizing it-Pounds!  So if you can't taste the sugar in the nut or seed butters in a smoothie, why add it?  It just seems like a healthier option.  Why do we need to consume all that sugar?  Does sugar really need to be in your nut or seed butter?  Do you need it that badly?  When you add Raw Cacao powder and some low fructose fruits like berries, green apples, kiwi's, lemons, limes and grapefruits-you will never notice that the nut or seed butter you bought was sugar and sodium free.

On the Paleo Diet Tree Nuts are welcome.  Tree nuts are almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, Pralines, Macadamia, Pecans, Walnuts, Pine nuts...  That means tree nut butters, actual nuts, raw nuts, nut flours.  But what if you are allergic to tree nuts?  My options are peanut butter or seed butters.  Sadly Peanuts are a legume and not a tree nut and therefore not Paleo or Whole 30 friendly.  Therefore, for me it's all about Sunflower Seed butter, Hemp seed butter (which I haven't found yet), Coconut butter and Tahini Butter.  Tahini butter is sesame seed butter made from sesame seeds.  This is the only nut butter that I find unbearable when unsweetened.

But today finally, after months of having this sitting in my fridge, I decided to give Tahini a fair chance.  I imagine baking with it one day.  I have visions on how I can make some mighty tasty raw balls, or mock ice cream of some sort.  Tahini dreams.

1/4 piece of Banana
2 capful's sugar free vanilla extract
3-4 drops liquid Stevia
5-6 frozen broccoli florets (all sizes-make sure you use all sizes big, small and medium)
1 handful spinach
8 thick slices of cucumber
pinch Nutmeg
pinch Cardomom
1 heaping small kitchen spoon of unsweetened Tahini Butter
1 heaping tsp. hemp seeds
1 tbsp. chia seeds
1 tsp. Maca Root powder
2 tbsp. Raw Cacao powder
4 tbsp. coconut water (organic real stuff)
3/4 cup unsweetened coconut milk
optional: 1 chunk frozen peeled pear
3-4 ice cubes


1.  In a high speed blender or Nutribullet blend everything except the ice and the spices.  Blend, blend, blend until smooth.
2.  Add in the spices and the ice.  Blend again.

Serves 1 16oz seedytastic smoothie.

Enjoy!! xx

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