Wednesday, August 13, 2014

20 Unique Ways to PIMP Your Tigernut Horchata

Hi guys!

Have I told you about this new drink that I'm totally addicted to?

So lately I'm loving Tigernut Horchata!  What is that?  Well it's a drink that tastes really good!  It's made from Tigernuts which may sound like nuts, but are actually a Mediterranean vegetable tuber root that is made into a drink.  Sounds gross right?  Actually, It's so freaking delicious!  It reminds me of a light and beautiful iced coffee.  This vegetable and drink is allergen free: gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, Paleo, grain-free and nut-free.  The actual dried veggie is sugar-free.  Free of almost everything and still tastes delish.  This drink is also considered a Pre-biotic which is great for gut flora.  And as a plus this drink is also Organic, so you know nothing but the best is getting into these drinks.  They come in a few flavors.  My favorite is the unsweetened version because it is very low in natural sugars.  Just 3grams.  Their other flavors are Bee Pollen, Chai, Coffee and Original which all range around 13grams of natural sugars, sweetened with the delicious fruity Dates.  This drink is not really mainstream quite yet!  I totally wish it was, because I'm so addicted to them.  You can snag them at Whole Foods and  It's a raw drink which means it's perishable, similar to a green juice.  Translation: Don't leave it sitting out in the hot sun and then drink it.

So who is the brains behind this amazing, delicious, mouthwatering drink?  Organic Gemini and Our True Roots.  

Here's a crazy mind blast for ya!  First, I had never heard of this drink until I saw a ton of my fellow health bloggers posting about it.  Obviously curious, I decided to do some research.  Not only is it totally allergen free, but you can do so much with this drink and root veggie!  You can make it into a flour, a milk, a snack, an extract-how cool is that?

So why am I drinking the kool-aid?  Well, I entered a content on my fellow friend The Blonde Vegan, aka The Balanced Blonde's blog to win a case of this.  Let me tell you something about me, I never enter contests, and I never think I'll win!  But I decided to give it a go, and I totally won!  It was soooo exciting!!

Getting the case in the mail was like winning the jackpot!  I was ecstatic, and guess what!?  The veggie tuber didn't make my face numb!  Double score, no allergies!!  Woo hoo!  I'm flying over here…

So here's where you guys come in.  A. You so need to snag this drink!  And B.  I'm going to tell you a whopping 20 totally unique ways to use this drink in your daily life besides just drinking it.

Are you ready to have your mind blown?  Are you running right now to get this drink at Whole Food?

besides drinking it straight from the bottle:

1. Add it to your coffee as your non dairy milk and sweetener.

2. Use it as a base in your smoothies instead of non-dairy milk or water.  Or combine it with your base of choice.

3.  Make Quinoa Porridge and use the Horchata drink as your base.

4.  Use it in your cookie dough recipe instead of your liquid base or in addition to.

5.  Make Popsicles with it!  Get some Popsicle molds and fill molds with the Horchata either plain, or add fruit, grains, GF oats, pumpkin seeds and other various toppings and freeze.

6.  Use it in your Pie Crust recipe.

7.  Use it in your Pancakes and Waffles recipe.

8.  Make ice cubes with it and use it for your coffee.

9.  Use it in your marinade recipes for chicken, pork, fish or red meat.  

10.  Use it in your marinade for veggies.

11.  Dip your cookies, pancakes, waffles, brownies and other sweet treats into the Horchata drink as a dipping alternative to milk!

12.  Drink it as is, because it's just that good!

13.  Add it to your frosting recipe in replace of milk/water or use it along with your base liquid.

14.  Use it in your oatmeal as a liquid base.

15.  Use it in your rice pudding recipe.

16. Use it in your Buckwheat porridge recipe.

17.  Blend it with fresh mint leaves and make a minty cooling hydrating beverage!

18.  Blend it in with cucumbers and mint and have a Summer beverage.

19.  Add some raw cacao or carb and mint into the coffee flavor version and have yourself a chocolate mocha mint iced coffee.

20.  Make a mean soup! Make a cauliflower or sweet potato, or potato soup and use the Tigernut drink as part of your liquid base.  

xx Julie

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