Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cantaloupe Mint Gelato Smoothie

Hey guys!

Some super exciting news!  I entered another food contest! Shape Magazine, Silk Soy Milk & Go Sweet and Skinny partnered together and offered a contest on Instagram!  The idea was to use Soy Milk in a recipe or picture and post it on Instagram.  Since I am a creative chef over here, I decided to enter.  Naturally.

These days I am feeling so positive about my path that I figure why the heck not, right?  Why not try.  Why not create?  Why not!  What have I got to loose?  This positive attitude of mine is spreading amongst my friends, so I'm hoping maybe I will inspire you!

I enjoy being out there, trying new things and sharing my light.  Even if I don't win, at least I created something new!  And guess what?!  You guys get my recipe!!

Since I consider myself the Smoothie Queen and I also love to make pancakes, I figured I would either create the ultimate soy pancake or the ultimate soy smoothie.

I ended up choosing the idea of a dessert in a smoothie!  And I chose a smoothie because lately I have been able to add back a few ingredients into my smoothies like Avocado, and a few lettuces without crazy facial numbing and allergies.  I am so super grateful that I decided to go with my ultimate love-green smoothies.

I woke up Sunday morning after my Saturday trip to the Farmers Market and got to work.  I had the idea of a Cherry Pie Smoothie or something with Cantaloupe and avocado.

Both Cherries and Cantaloupe are madly in season!  Which means they will taste even better then they ever have.

First I made a cherry pie smoothie, and I have to say…TOTAL BUST.  So gross!  It just wasn't sweet enough and didn't do the trick I was hoping it would.  I'm not using a lot of sugar right now, so I couldn't add any dates, which really would have made it delicious.  So I tossed that and went with Cantaloupe and avocado.

I should just add in here that Cantaloupe and Avocado go together like peanut butter n jelly in a smoothie.  They just belong together.  Total soul mates.  You may be thinking Cantaloupe and Avocado? Yuck!  But Yum, my friends!! YUM!!  Pair those two with fresh Mint and prepare to be transported to a foodie heaven with a minty twist!

Oh it was so good!!  It tasted like Cantaloupe Sorbet.  When I added the Avocado and Mint leaves it tasted like Gelato.  Serious creamy goodness.

Gelato-a creamy frozen dessert-known as the BEST in Paris, so I decided with my smoothie you wouldn't and shouldn't have to travel the distance to get that taste!  And why not have dessert for breakfast?  It starts the day off with sweetness and smiles.  And that is just rad!  Who doesn't want to start their day off with sweetness and smiles?!

The smoothie was delicious!! And it tasted even more like a dessert when I experimented with a Crust (around the rim of the glass).  Ugh, heaven!!

Details below!


1/2 Cantaloupe Melon (take the seeds out)
2/3 Medium Avocado
1 Cup Silk Soy Milk (any nut, seed, grain milk can be used)
3 large fresh mint leaves
1 large handful Mache Rosettes & Open Head Iceberg Lettuce
1 Tbsp. Hemp seeds (**optional) + additional hemp seeds for Crust
3-4 Ice cubes
Crust/Rim: 1/4 total hemp seeds & Double thick rolled gluten-free oats


In a high speed blender or Nutribullet combine all ingredients except ice and crust ingredients.
Blend until smooth.
Then add Ice and blend again.
For the Crust/Rim: 
In a high speed blender or Nutribullet plus the GF oats and hemp seeds together for a few seconds.
*If using a Nutribullet use the milling blade*
Use any sticky natural sweetener like Agave or Maple Syrup to cover the rim.
Add crushed GF oats and hemp seeds to rim till it is covered.


-Open Head Iceberg Lettuce is very different then regular Iceberg lettuce.  It is softer, greener and has a different taste and texture.  This lettuce can be found at Wholefoods.
-If you cannot find Open Head Iceberg Lettuce then sub in Butter Lettuce, Green Leaf Lettuce or Tropical Green Lettuce.
-Hemp Milk and Quinoa Milk also rock in this recipe.
-If buying fresh mint is a pain in the A**, I have an idea for ya!  Get your tush over to the Farmers Market and buy yourself a Mint Plant.  They are small.  Require sunlight, and need to be watered every other day.  What's fun about this?  Well, your TLC gets you fresh mint herbs daily.  Shedding positive light by caring for a plant is a gorgeous thing!
-Don't have double thick rolled GF oats?  That's ok, use Old fashioned oats instead!

Don't forget to lick the crust once you have finished the smoothie!  It's delicious!!

Enjoy! Julie

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