Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm Having a Love Affair with Monday

Let me guess…These were your thoughts Sunday night?

In that case…

Use your new week starting today for thoughts like the ones I posted below (because I love them so), and KICK ASS!  After all, Monday is about getting yourself centered, so naturally you would want to start it off right (even if that means having a coffee in hand).

In the past I used to dress totally sluggish and blame it on the fact it was a Monday.  I actually would justify and grant myself a fugly ugly day just because.  If the old me were to fall asleep in a meeting, my excuse would be "It's Monday".  And if i made mistakes, or felt groggy…I would also blame Monday.  If I decided to not wear any makeup and not get sleep the night before, I would again blame Monday.  Monday, Monday, Monday.  Poor Monday, getting such a bad rap.  The truth is, Monday can be anything you want it to be.  If you want Monday to be grand…then grand it is.  If you want Monday to sparkle, then sparkle it will.  It is really about perspective.  Dressing your best, and feeling good in your skin is a GREAT way to start a new week.  Set up your week to feel amazing and watch how the cards fall in your favor.  Smile.  Be grateful.  Have gratitude.  Feel the love around you, because it surrounds you.  Be present.  I can even put money on the fact that you will feel so much better keeping that in mind.  ...And save the fugly ugly days for when you REALLY, REALLY need them (like when you are belted over in pain from your period, or you have to have a colonoscopy-then it's totally legit).  

Mostly likely your smile is going to be a shining light for someone else without you even realizing it.  So make sure you are shinning bright, because we need your light.

xx Julie

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