Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Refreshing Honeydew Carrot, Plum Juice

A green juice can certainly be intimidating if you are not a "regular" in the juicing department.  So today's recipe is a beautiful refreshing Honeydew Carrot Plum juice.  Don't get scared it, it definitely looks like it's all carrot.  But the honeydew is watery and sweet and the plums are tart, so it cuts the carrots and tastes utterly refreshing!

Carrots are LOADED with vitamin A, and Vitamin A is known for healthy skin, healthy eyesight and healthy hair!  Good stuff right?  Carrots are not just for bunnies!

11 mini carrots
1 cup honeydew melon + 4 additional chunks
2 large pieces of Plum (with skin)
1 cup water
4-5 ice cubes

Add everything (except the ice) into a high speed blender (omit water if using a juicer) and blend.
Then transfer mixture into a nut bag over a large bowl and drain
Serve in a mason jar over ice with a fun straw

-Add remaining leftover plum pieces into the drink like sangria.  Then you get to eat those last after they soak up the juice.
-Leaving the skin on the plum is a great way to get additional nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

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