Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gluten-Free Watercooler-Village Pourhouse

Great neighborhood bar serves gluten-free beer.  

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The Village Pourhouse located in New York City has two locations, one on 982 Amsterdam Avenue. between 102nd and 103rd street, and the other on the downtown side of Manhattan  64 3rd Avenue at 11th Street.  (212) 979-2337.  Known for being a Beer Bar, as well as being a favorite sports bar around town, the Village Pourhouse likes to serve Organic beers and gluten-free beers, so they can be attracted to a wide variety of people.  This way no one gets left out. 

They hold a variety of events such as Beer Tastings and Beer Classes and Flight Programs to a very tasty menu if you need some chow (not gluten-free, but easily convertible).  And they have great Specials!  And you know they are a good bar from all of the awards they receive like: Time Out NY 2007 Eat Out Awards-Best New Beer Bar or Crain's 2008 Best Places to Work Award, or 2008's Best of Citysearch College Bar and 2008 Best Of Citysearch College Bar, last but not least Best Beer Bar From Blackbook.  That's pretty rad to have all those "bestee's" under their belt.

And last but not least their Gluten-Free beer selection.  For anyone that loves beer and is Gluten-Free this is fantastic news.  I don't know many bars that have a gluten-free beer selection and in a pub in NYC for that matter!  

Stop on by for a nice cold glass of beer...OF GLUTEN FREE BEER.

xoxo Julie

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  1. I had my birthday party at the Village Pourhouse on 11th Street two years ago so I could enjoy beer on my birthday along with my friends. They also had Wii bowling and Rock Band which made for an awesome birthday.

    Village Pourhouse has also hosted some NYC Celiac Disease Meetups in the past giving us 2-for-1 specials on gluten-free beer. It was a great night out!


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