Monday, July 26, 2010

Earth Cafe Vegan Cheesecake Heaven

Already eaten Earth Cafe-It's just that good!

This post is long overdue!  And I apologize for not posting this goodie goodness sooner, I have just been keeping this all to myself, he he he.  My apologies to Craig from Earth Cafe! As It has been a very busy summer.

Now, to the more important part of this post.  Vegan Cheesecake.  You know I have never had anything Vegan until I tried Tu Lu's formally known as Tully's GF Vegan Chocolate Brownie.  After that I was turned.  Turned to Vegan and gluten free goodness!  Earth Cafe found me on twitter.  From there I was sent six delicious cheesecakes with flavors like Cherry Dream, Rockin Raspberry, Strawberry Fields Forever, Blueberry Thrill, Lemon, and Sweet Potato Pie.  Earth Cafe has other flavors too! (Coconut cream, banana cream and peach).  Did I mention they are Dairy-Free too?!! You must wonder how can this cheesecake be free of so much and still taste GREAT!  Well, Earth Cafe has accomplished this in their refreshing cheesecake concoctions.  

Upon getting these delicious babies in the mail, packaged very nicely I might add, I immediately brought them into work for a taste test.  Now I work in Fashion, so you can see how a taste test in the middle of the day could be exciting.  Something different.  In the room I had myself, GF, 1 co-worker who is DF, another who has a GF family, another who's hubby has a wheat allergy and another co-worker who didn't have any intolerances.  So we have some "allergy" people here who can appreciate a "free of most" product.

I had a lot of feedback both negative and positive from my group.  One said no matter what she would not purchase this on her own.  Another one who felt they all tasted the same, and another who loved them.  I had two others who felt indifferent.  Here's my vote.  I thought they were GOOD.  They were tasty and had a nice mousse consistency.  It tasted more like whipped Mousse then "cheesecake like" however I would certainly have them served at a party.  I however would not call this dessert cheesecake.  I would call it Earth Cafe Mousse.  My favorite was the Sweet Potato Pie.  It had a kick and some spice to it.  The mousse is made from fresh ingredients like Sweet potato and fresh raspberries.

The crust was made from soaked nuts like cashews, walnuts and pecans.  Other ingredients are Agave Nectar, vanilla bean extract, cinnamon, coconut butter, and sea salt.  Fresh ingredients.  That's the kinda product I like to hear about!

I took a ton of pics of these little cakes, but sadly I took the pictures halfway through eating them, and well, the pics didn't come out looking so nice.  I would post them, but all you would see is pink cake with fork and bite marks.  Not too attractive.  After we had all devoured them, I remembered I needed to take pics to blog with.  Oh well.  I missed that bandwagon.  Sorry!  Here is what I salvaged on Photoshop.  I squared in on the areas that didn't have fork cut-outs.

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xoxo Julie

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