Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gluten-Free Watercooler-Pastis Restaurant

Even though Pastis is my favorite restaurant of all time, easy back-up spot, great location etc..., I always have to be super careful!  There are only a few select things I can have on this menu and this list is diminishing.

Upon going gluten-free I went to Pastis ...Years ago.  The waitress I had told me the french fries were gluten-free.  She said they were fried separately.  (I had mysteriously gotten sick after).
I later found out that was a myth.  

The following time I went there, I spoke with the manager.  They are not gluten-free.  They are not fried separately.  

Most recently I went with a friend of mine for brunch and I ordered what I always get, the bar steak.  Plain.  With scrambled eggs.  Easy.  My friend got the Chicken Paillard and the waiter mentioned to me that I could not share her dish, because the sauce from the chicken is dusted with flour.

Seriously!?  Grilled chicken Paillard uses flour?  Geez Louise, A. Thank you for telling me, so news to me, as I have had that too in the past (and mysteriously gotten sick), and B.  Seriously, that dish does not need flour.  Not that I wanted to share my friend's dish, but I think the waitstaff there really needs to be educated, I swear every time I go I learn that another dish from my "safe" list has gluten.

I did however have a lovely champagne cocktail with rose water.  Ah, it was delightful.  Soon that's all i'm going to be able to have from there!

Such a shame, I love that place.

Below are a few posts about Pastis just in case you wanted to know.

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